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Using metafield - Dynamic source

Create metafield

In your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Custom data. We will add new metafield to Page (You can add it to other parts)

Then click Add definition to add new metafield definition. Follow this instruction:

  1. Fill metafield name
  2. Click "Select type"
  3. Choose Integer
  4. Click Save

Add app block

Go to your theme customize, choose page (if you add metafield to another part, you should choose the corresponding template)

Click Add section then choose XO Gallery

Connect dynamic source

In the XO Gallery app block, click "Insert dynamic source" icon

Then choose XO Gallery ID (metafield name that you fill when create new definition)

The Gallery id here will be ignore

Edit your page (that using the template) and fill your id


When adding a new page, you will not see the metafield card. It will appear after you save the page.