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Frequently asked questions

Does XO Tunnel work with my theme?

Yes, XO Tunnel works with any Shopify themes. You're free to change themes as often as you like.

What will happen after I uninstall the app?

We will keep your data for 7 days, then it will be deleted from our server. Please make sure before uninstall.

Your Notion authenticate data will be remove immediately after uninstall. So you will need to authenticate again if you reinstall the app.

How to get product ID?

The number after /products/ when you edit your product in Shopify admin.

product ID

How to get collection ID?

The same as product ID, it's the number in URL when you edit a collection:

collection ID

How to display Google map block

You need to add link from embed map to Notion:

  1. Click "Share" icon
    Google map block 1
  2. Click "Embed a map" then click "COPY HTML"
    Google map block 1
  3. Paste code to your notepad (or any text editor), then copy from https:// to the nearest " width= like this Google map block 1
  4. Paste to your Notion embed map