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Frequently asked questions

Installations & Getting Started

Does XO Insert Code work with my theme?

Yes, XO Insert Code works with any Shopify themes. You're free to change themes as often as you like.

What will happen after I uninstall the app?

If you enable Add code directly in main theme, your custom code will stay still. If not your custom code will be removed from your store.

I can't reinstall the app after uninstall?

Please send email to [email protected], We'll help you to fix the issue.


How to find page template & handle

Method 1

You can paste this code to Code in header, default part

{% capture CFH %}{{ content_for_header  }}{% endcapture %}{{ CFH }}

{% if CFH contains 'adminBarInjector' %}
{% assign admin = true %}
{% endif %}

and this to Code in body

{% if admin %}
<h2>Page: {{ template }}</h2>
<h2>Handle: {{ product.handle }}{{collection.handle}}{{page.handle}}{{blog.handle}}{{article.handle}}</h2>
{% endif %}

Then browse your store, you will see page and handle information. Information is showed for admin only, so if you can't see it, try method 2.

Method 2

You can paste this code to Code in body, default part

console.log('Page: {{ template }}');
console.log('Handle: {{ product.handle }}{{collection.handle}}{{page.handle}}{{blog.handle}}{{article.handle}}');

Then go to your store, right click and choose

  • Inspect (if you're using Chrome)
  • Inspect element (Firefox)
  • Inspect element (Safari, need to enable Show develop menu in menu bar in Preferences... > Advanced)

choose Console tab. Then click to some page/products... you will see page & handle values