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Create and apply image style

You need to create at least 1 image style first, then apply it to your product images. Each time you add new product, if it matches the condition, image style will be applied.

Create image style

  • From image styles list, click Add style

  • Effects: Here you can add effects to your images (we will add more effects in the future) Image effects

  • Products condition: Choose what products to apply current image style Products condition

    You can filter products with: product types, vendors, tags. If a product matches condition twice, it will get style from what have more priority.

  • Preview: View the images before apply to your product.

Apply image style

After create an image style, you will be redirect to list page. To apply image style: press process button.

Processing time

This might take a long time to process, depend on how many images. You will get email notification after finish.